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DRC Kit Static Load Test ERCO200
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Kit Static Load Test ERCO200

The Load Testing extensions KIT is used to perform static load testing with Concentrated Load.
The system is used where the use of distributed loads is not applicable due both to reasons of size and for logistical reasons.
There are continuously increasing requests made by the customer to carry out load testing on scaffolding and garrets by means of a concentrated system.
The Load Testing extensions KIT offers the considerable advantage of performing tests quickly and with reliable results, through loading and unloading cycles that have been adequately "designed" in the test preparation stage.
The system is composed of a series of aluminium extensions, of contrast crossbars that shall be applied in contact with the surfaces to be tested, and of a dual-acting hydraulic piston with push and pull capacity for load implementation.
The jack shall be managed by means of both manual and automatic hydraulic pressurisation systems.
The pressurisation systems have been designed to manage from a minimum number of 1 jack up to a maximum of 8 jacks for special tests o the latest generation structures or structures designed for specific uses (Hospitals).
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